Established in 2011. The shop was opened in July of 2011, by Tattoo Artist Kenny K-bar and his partner Valerie Randazzo. Kenny K-bar, a former US Marine, has been an artist since he could hold a crayon! Kenny's passion for art, tattoos and motivation to build a home for his talent are what built the shop nearly over night. They renovated and decorated the shop with the idea of making it their home. The artists that work here and have done guest spots are all considered family. There are currently 9 artists working here with varying years of experience and styles. Each artist is licensed and has there BBP certification. All equipment in the shop is up to date, and the artist each uses disposable needles, tubes, and other sterilized tools during tattooing and piercing.

Valerie is a Board Member of the Huntington's Disease Society of America's Greater NY Chapter and has used the shop as a facility for her cause. The shop hosts an annual Halloween Party/ Fundraiser for the HDSA and contributes to other charities throughout the year as well. Valerie and Kenny have been very passionate about giving back as much as they can to their respective charities and the community, using art as a way to bring people together

Anthony Cheeks, an artist at the shop, has also been a part of the shop since its inception. He helped to build the shop and has been a valuable part of the Leathernecks team as an artist and friend.

Rich Bustamante, Oogie, Gerald Feliciano, Dan Bones, Cris Element, 
and Marlo Salvatierra and other artists who have done guest 
spots since the shop has opened have each contributed 
to the continued growth of the establishment.